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claire-1.jpgI am an Associate Professor of Special Education at the College of Coastal Georgia where I teach in an integrated Elementary/Special Education teacher preparation program.  I have a doctorate in gifted education and special education from the College of William and Mary and have taught in New Mexico, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Kentucky and now Georgia.  I was recently a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, studying autism, and I research in the areas of language acquisition, Response to Intervention, and cognitive interventions with children.

Most importantly, I am the mother of two children, “Elizabeth”- who is 8 years old and after an awful lot of therapy, no longer qualifies for a label of Pervasive Developmental Delay-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), and “Raymond”- who is 7 years old and has Generalized Anxiety Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified (GAD-NOS) and Tourette’s Syndrome.  I’ve changed their names in this blogs for their own privacy sakes…  They don’t care now, but they will when they’re in middle school…

I am also the author of a book that integrates both aspects of my life, “Children with High Functioning Autism:  A Parent’s Guide”.  I’ve sat at both sides of that IEP table, and I fully believe that both professionals and parents have a lot to learn from each other.

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